SBSA diagnostics

Health state spectrographic analysis. Health diagnostics by acoustic background.
Author of  SBSA diagnostics method is E. Eismontas. The human voice - data carrier. Each organ generates a specific frequency oscillations. According to the scanned image shakes that can be observed in 3D spectrografical graph triggered organs functioning. Diagnostics enables the spine, heart, internal organs, the brain and the overall psychosomatic human condition and to monitor their dynamics.
According to the diagnostic test results, your request may be:
- Appointed by the acoustic therapy session,
- Created dedicated to regenerative ASK,
- Recommended authors CDs.

Vibroacoustic therapy

Acoustic therapy session. Vibroacoustic device.
Specialized audiovisual therapy sessions. Vibroacoustic device transmits an acoustic source 4 flows in the human body. To strengthen the impact of using different visualization. Available as a single program and several program cycles. Recommended bouts cycle - 5 times.
Session time 20 - 30 minutes.

Water structuring

Spring water by acoustic code.
Pure spring water (ice status)  is melted and structured according to universal and maximize the positive information. The procedure complements and enhances the acoustic effects of the therapy. Possible individual regeneration program creation by SBSA diagnostic results.

E.Eismontas intrumental music

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